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The Department of State in the Biden Administration

September 29, 2021

Ambassador Mark L. Asquino

In January, President Biden pledged to reverse the disastrous mismanagement of the Department of State during the Trump Administration. He nominated as his secretary of state was Antony Blinken, a highly-experienced foreign policy expert. Blinken has brought to his job years of experience as a senior Congressional staffer, senior official at the National Security Council official and as a former deputy secretary of state in the Obama administration. Biden and Blinken have both pledged to restore the foreign policy preeminence of the Department

“Water Diplomacy” in the Middle East: Challenges and Opportunities for Israel, West Bank and Gaza Today

August 18, 2021

Anthony (Bud) Rock

Anthony (Bud) Rock will describe recent efforts to manage scarce water resources in a region that continues to face immense political, cultural and ideological challenges. He will address the quiet diplomacy of key policy and technical officials, as well as the creative, and critically important new projects of non-governmental organizations that help “keep the water flowing” for populations throughout the region, including more than a million designated refugees.

Mr. Rock brings broad experience to this issue, as a physical scientist, career diplomat, and current non-governmental

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April 2021 Webinar Series

April 7, 2021:
Dr. Eduardo Gamarra, Professor, Florida International University
“Democratic Backsliding in Latin America. What can the Biden Administration do?”

April 14, 2021:
Eric Farnsworth, Vice President, Council of the Americas and the America Society
“China and the Americas: Risks and Rewards”

April 21, 2021:
Joelle Uzarski, The Public Diplomat in Residence at the Center on Public Diplomacy at the University of Southern California;
Francisco “Paco” Perez, Public Affairs Officer, US Consulate General, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
“Brazil: Dictatorship, Democracy and Disease”

April 28, 2021:
Charles Shapiro, US Ambassador (rtd), President, World Affairs Council of Atlanta
“Latin America: It’s Complicated”*

The first three webinars will be held on Zoom from


The Warming World: Rising Temperatures, Rising Tides, Rising Turbulence


Dates to be determined

Scientific study after study demonstrates the enormity of the impact of climate change on earth’s biosphere.  These changes range from the Arctic’s melting icecap and the desertification of parts of Africa to rising sea levels submerging Pacific islands and parts of populous countries like Bangladesh.  The increase and intensity of typhoons in Asia and hurricanes in the Caribbean, wildfires in California and Indonesia as well as melting ice, changing trade routes and new security threats in the Arctic are all part of this manmade

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