• Joëlle Uzarski and Francisco Paco Perez Webinar

Brazil: Dictatorship, Democracy and Disease

April 21, 2021

 Joëlle Uzarski  & Francisco“Paco” Perez

Brazil is one of the world’s most vibrant, multicultural, and ethnically diverse nations. It is the fifth largest by area and seventh most populous, and the planet’s lungs lie mostly within its frontiers. Brazilians joke that theirs is the country of the future, and always will be. Is this changing? Uzarski and Perez

Reinventing the Transatlantic Relationship for the 21st Century

May 05, 2021

David O’Sullivan, former EU Ambassador to the US

This Zoom meeting is in cosponsorship with the Colorado European Union Center of Excellence and the German American Chamber of Commerce in Colorado.

After the difficulties of the last four years, the arrival of President Biden in the White House offers new hope for transatlantic relations. He and his

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China and the Americas: Risks and Rewards

April 14, 2021 Eric Farnsworth China’s entry in the Americas represents the single biggest shift in hemispheric affairs this century. Much of Latin America now counts China as its first or second trade partner, and investment has increased dramatically. The covid pandemic has accelerated China’s efforts across the region further. Meanwhile, the United States has increasingly

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Democratic Backsliding in Latin America: What Can the Biden Administration Do?

April 07, 2021 Dr. Eduardo Gamarra Academics, policymakers, and pundits alike have warned that democracy in the region is backsliding. Concern is voiced not just about left leaning regimes such as Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Venezuela but also about right leaning ones such as Brazil, Colombia, and El Salvador. This trend poses a significant challenge to the

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Moving Equity Forward in Afghanistan

March 03, 2021 Susanne E. Jalbert, Ph.D The discussion is a rapid recap of Dr. Jalbert’s last two years in Afghanistan from April 2018 to April 2020. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Promote: Women in Government project shook up gender norms and engendered tremendous strides toward equity in the civil service. The project

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The Three Seas Initiative: A Long Leap Forward

January 6, 2021 Ambassador Jonatan Vseviov This program with Ambassador Vseviov on the Three Seas Initiative is in cosponsorship with the Colorado European Union Center of Excellence at the University of Colorado, Boulder. The Three Seas Initiative was launched in 2016 by twelve Central and Eastern European nations to facilitate greater cross

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New Challenges for Nuclear Arms Control

December 2, 2020 Rose Gottemoeller December 2 Webinar: New Challenges for Nuclear Arms Control with arms control expert and former Deputy Secretary General of NATO and Under Secretary of State for Arms Control : Rose Gottemoeller. The Trump Administration in 2020 laid down two clear principles, that the next nuclear arms reduction treaty

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