Creative (Climate) Communications for a Better World

May 04, 2022

Professor Max Boykoff

Conversations about climate change at the science-policy interface and in our lives have been stuck. In this webinar Professor Boykoff highlights dimensions of his recent book ‘Creative (Climate) Communications’ that integrate lessons from the social sciences and humanities to more effectively make connections through issues, people, and things that everyday citizens care about.

He suggests that this has worked

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Responding to COVID-19 While Preparing for the Next Pandemic: Latest Developments in Global Health Security

April 27, 2022 Ambassador John E. Lange (Ret.) The world continues to blame COVID, and the poorest countries’ lack access to adequate vaccine supplies and the logistics to deliver them. The “Global South” has been calling for global health equity while the “Global North” has emphasized the need for global health security. International organizations remain deeply

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Planning for Resilience: What can be legally done to mitigate disruptive environmental and other severe events and adjust to their impacts?

April 13, 2022 Professor Catherine Banet The number of severe and sometimes catastrophic disruptive events has been rapidly increasing. Extreme weather events including floods, wildfires, hurricanes, and other natural disasters have become both more frequent and more severe, whilst events such as the COVID-19 pandemic represent a global threat to public health with huge economic effects

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A New Cold War in the Arctic: the US, China and Russia?

April 06, 2022 Ambassador (ret.) Kenneth S. Yalowitz As US and world attention are riveted on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the effects of global warming in the Arctic with respect to US relations with Russia and China based on the need for sustainable economic development and increasing environmental protection have not disappeared. They remain existential problems

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The Intent and Reality of Foreign Assistance to Afghanistan: Experience from Obama’s Surge

March 09, 2022 Rebecca Black The U.S. government spent $145 billion to rebuild and develop Afghanistan over the past 20 years. Funds were implemented by a dozen USG agencies including USAID, a major player in supporting a range of activities, from building roads and power plants to improving education and health, governance, and income generation. Themes

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Afghanistan’s Cycle of Historical Repetition

March 02, 2022 Paul Cruickshank A personal reflection based on nearly 15 years’ experience in Afghanistan; a review of Afghan history, especially regarding the 21st Century, and its ethnic and political challenges; how such challenges led to the need for humanitarian and development assistance over the last 20 years, and in particular the need for urgent

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Taliban In Afghanistan: ​A Review Six Months Since Take-Over

February 16, 2022 Dr. Emile Nakhleh Once the US completed the withdrawal of all American military forces and civilian personnel from Afghanistan on August 30,2022, the Taliban not only managed to forge a strategic partnership with the large and influential Haqqani network but was confronted by other challengers in this complex Afghan mosaic. All are Islamic

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