"Evolution of the Mexican Drug Cartels Including Trafficking of the Latest Synthetic Drugs – Fentanyl and Methamphetamine with Mike Vigil"

"Breakdown: Lessons For A Congress In Crisis with Jeff Bingaman"

Global Climate Change Series

"Creative (Climate) Communications for a Better World with Professor Max Boykoff"

"Responding to COVID-19 While Preparing for the Next Pandemic: Latest Developments in Global Health Security with Ambassador John E. Lange (Ret.)"

"Planning for Resilience: What can be legally done to mitigate disruptive environmental and other severe events and adjust to their impacts? with Professor Catherine Banet"

"A New Cold War in the Arctic: the US, China and Russia? with Ambassador (ret.) Kenneth S. Yalowitz"

"Russia Today with Dr. Fiona Hill"

Afghanistan in the Aftermath Series

"The Intent and Reality of Foreign Assistance to Afghanistan: Experience from Obama’s Surge with Rebecca Black"

"Afghanistan’s cycle of historical repetition with Paul Cruickshank"

" Taliban In Afghanistan: A Review Six Months Since Take-Over with Dr. Emile Nakhleh"

"Union Humanitarian Aid in Afghanistan before and after the US withdrawal with Raffaella Iodice"

SFWAF Four Part Webinar Series – FALL 2021

"Dealing with the Dragon: A Great Wall on Common Ground with Philip A Shull"

"China's Changing Nuclear Posture with Matt Korda"

"Power, Money, and Ideas: the Chinese Communist Party at the Helm with Ambassador William with John Holden"

"China and the World 2021 with Ambassador William H Itoh"

Webinar Videos 2021

"The Department of State in the Biden Administration with Ambassador Mark L. Asquino"

"Water Diplomacy in the Middle East: Challenges and Opportunities for Israel, West Bank and Gaza Today with Anthony (Bud) Rock"

"Restricted Data The History of Nuclear Secrecy in the United States with Alex Wellerstein"

"Reinventing the Transatlantic Relationship for the 21st Century with David O’Sullivan, former EU Ambassador to the US"

"Latin America: It’s Complicated with Charles Shapiro, US Ambassador (rtd) and President of the World Affairs Council Atlanta"

"Brazil Dictatorship, Democracy and Disease with Joëlle Uzarski & Francisco “Paco” Perez"

"China and the Americas: Risks and Rewards with Eric Farnsworth"

"Democratic Backsliding in Latin America: What Can the Biden Administration Do? with Dr. Eduardo A. Gamarra"

"The European Democracy Action Plan and Beyond: What is the Future of EU Disinformation Policy? with James Pamment"

"Moving Equity Forward in Afghanistan with Susanne E. Jalbert, Ph.D"

"Global Health in the Midst of COVID-19: Turmoil, Change and Progress with Ambassador John E. Lange(Ret.)"

"The Three Seas Initiative: A Long Leap Forward with Estonian Ambassador Jonatan Vsevoiv"

Webinar Videos 2020

"New Challenges for Nuclear Arms Control by Rose Gottemoeller"

"How the US National Security Council Works by William H. Itoh"

"Elections 2020 Fact vs Fiction How to Wade Through the Insanity by Sarah Hood"

"Election Security, Fraud and Voter Confidence by Lonna Atkeson"

"Election Security Issues in 2020 and How They are Being Addressed in New Mexico by Maggie Toulouse Oliver, New Mexico Secretary of State"

Highlights Video 2019

"Rising Authoritarianism: Can Democracy Meet the Challenge?"

Highlights Video 2018

"Values, Myths and Interests: Debating American Foreign Policy in an Unstable World"

Highlights Video 2017

"World Order Under Threat: Protectionism, Nationalism, Extremism"

Highlights Video 2013

"Living in Challenging Times: The US and East Asia"