Jane Abbott
Jane AbbottSFWAF Board Member
Topic: “Greece on the Front Line: The Refugees Keep Coming”

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Mikhail Alexseev
Mikhail AlexseevProfessor of Political Science, San Diego State University, is a specialist on migration, ethnopolitical conflict and post-Soviet Russia
Topic: “How Russia Views the World”

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Ambassador Mark L. Asquino
Ambassador Mark L. AsquinoRetired, career Foreign Service Officer
Topic: “The Department of State in the Biden Administration”

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Lonna Rae Atkeson
Lonna Rae AtkesonProfessor and Regents Lecturer in Political Science at the University of New Mexico
Topic: “Election Security, Fraud and Voter Confidence”

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Daniel Baer
Daniel BaerAmbassador (rtd), Diplomat in Residence, Josef Korbel School of International Affairs, Denver University. US Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (2013-17)
Topic: “Values, Myths and Interests: Debating American Foreign Policy in an Unstable World”

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Catherine Banet
Catherine BanetAssociate Professor at the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, Head of the Department of Energy and Resources Law, University of Oslo, Norway.
Topic: “Planning for Resilience: What can be legally done to mitigate disruptive environmental and other severe events and adjust to their impacts?”

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Michael Battle
Michael BattleUS Ambassador (rtd)
Topic: “Values, Myths and Interests: Debating American Foreign Policy in an Unstable World”

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Ralph Begleiter
Ralph BegleiterWorld Affair Correspondent
Topic: “Values, Myths and Interests: Debating American Foreign Policy in an Unstable World”

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Jeff Bingaman, Jr
Jeff Bingaman, JrFormer United States Senator from New Mexico

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Donald M Bishop
Donald M BishopPublic Diplomacy and Strategic Communication advisor, past President of the Public Diplomacy Council
Topic: “Engaging with people through public diplomacy”

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Rebecca Black
Rebecca BlackUS Senior Foreign Service Officer, USAID (rtd)
Topic: “The Intent and Reality of Foreign Assistance to Afghanistan: Experience from Obama’s Surge”

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Melissa Bokovoy
Melissa BokovoyChair, History Department, University of New Mexico. Eastern Europe Specialist
Topic: “Manipulation of History in Eastern Europe”

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Professor Max Boykoff
Professor Max BoykoffProfessor in the Environmental Studies Department (where he now serves as Chair) at the University of Colorado Boulder
Topic: “Creative (Climate) Communications for a Better World”

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Karl Braithwaite
Karl BraithwaiteSFWAF Member
Topic: “The Critical Importance of Science to US Government Operations and Policy Making: Examples and Current Dangers”

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Beatrice Camp
Beatrice CampSenior Foreign Service Officer (rtd)
Topic: “Values, Myths and Interests: Debating American Foreign Policy in an Unstable World”

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Alan B. Carr
Alan B. CarrProgram Manager and the Senior Historian for Los Alamos National Laboratory
Topic: “The Los Alamos view of the Manhattan Project”

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Deborah S. Cornelius
Deborah S. CorneliusHistorian specializing in Hungary and East Central Europe
Topic: “Hungary Today: It’s Intractable Problems”

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Stephen Creskoff
Stephen CreskoffInternational Trade Expert
Topic: “US Trade in the Trump Administration”

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Paul Cruickshank
Paul CruickshankFounder and CEO of Fillan Rose Ltd
Topic: “Afghanistan’s Cycle of Historical Repetition ”

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David Douglas
David DouglasPrincipal, Global Water 2020
Topic: “Water as the Common Denominator for Health and Peace”

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James Doyle
James DoyleNuclear Nonproliferation Specialist
Topic: “The Nuclear Road Ahead: Challenges for President Donald J Trump”

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Evelyn A. Early
Evelyn A. EarlyDiplomat and anthropologist, served in the Senior Foreign Service and taught at the universities of Notre Dame, New Mexico, and Houston
Topic: “The Middle East and US Foreign Policy Under Trump: What Has Changed?”

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Eric Farnsworth
Eric FarnsworthVice President, Council of the Americas and the America Society
Topics: 1. “China and the Americas: Risks and Rewards”

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Douglas Fox
Douglas FoxFreelance science writer
Topics: 1. “Warming climates, polar ice, and sea level”
2. “Climate change and mass media: The disconnect between science and public perception”

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Linda Pappas Funsch
Linda Pappas FunschCareer Specialist in Islamic and Modern Middle Eastern History and Cultures
Topic: “Sultanate of Oman: Beacon of Hope in the Middle East”

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Judy Garber
Judy GarberActing Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans, Environment & Science (OES)
Topic: “The International Politics, Economics and Foreign Policy Implications of Climate Change”

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Dr. Eduardo Gamarra
Dr. Eduardo GamarraProfessor Florida International University
Topics: “Democratic Backsliding in Latin America: What Can the Biden Administration Do?”

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Javier Gonzales
Javier GonzalesMayor of Santa Fe, NM
Topics: “Local Efforts on Climate Change and the Work of the Climate
Action Task Force”

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Rose Gottemoeller
Rose GottemoellerArms Control Expert and Former Deputy Secretary General of NATO and Under Secretary of State for Arms Control
Topics: “New Challenges for Nuclear Arms Control”

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Todd Greentree
Todd GreentreeA former U.S. Foreign Service Officer, Todd Greentree has served in five wars, from El Salvador in the early 1980s to Afghanistan between 2008 and 2012
Topic: “The Origins and Consequences of the “Reagan Doctrine” Wars in Angola, Central America and Afghanistan”

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Dr. Raul Gouvea
Dr. Raul GouveaProfessor, International Business and Latin American Management, Anderson School of Management, University of New Mexico
Topic: “Global Economic Order in a Protectionist Era”

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Dr. Gary M Grossman
Dr. Gary M GrossmanProfessor, School for the Future of Innovation in Society, Arizona State University and former Fulbright professor (in Turkey)
Topics: “Diplomacy, Division, and Democracy in Turkey’s Response to the Ukraine Conflict: What is Erdogan’s Problem?”

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Jesse Guillen
Jesse GuillenFounder of Global Zero - Santa Fe Chapter
Topics: “The Nuclear Road Ahead: Challenges for President Donald J Trump”

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Renate Hahlen
Renate HahlenMinister Counsellor, European Union Delegation, Washington, DC
Topic: “The European Union: From Refugee Crisis To Migration Management”

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Ambassador Michael (Mike) A. Hammer
Ambassador Michael (Mike) A. HammerCareer member of the Senior Foreign Service class of Minister-Counselor
Topic: “U.S. Policy on the Horn of Africa: Advancing Peace in Northern Ethiopia”

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Suzanne Hayden
Suzanne Hayden Legal Strategist for International Wildlife Trust
Topic: “Illicit Trade: A Complex Web of Criminals, State Sponsors and Opportunists”

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Siegfried S. Hecker
Siegfried S. HeckerProfessor of Practice, Texas A&M University and Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, CA, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University and Director Emeritus, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Topic: “Putin Destroyed the Global Nuclear Order by Invading Ukraine”
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John Herbst
John HerbstUS Ambassador (rtd) (Uzbekistan and Ukraine), and Director of the Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center, Atlantic Council
Topic: “Challenges to the Liberal World Order: the Movement of History and the Failure of Leadership”
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Ed Hildebrand
Ed HildebrandSFWAF Member
Topic: “The Critical Importance of Science to US Government Operations and Policy Making: Examples and Current Dangers”
More About
John Holden
John HoldenSr. Managing Director, China Practice, McClarty and Associates
Topic: “China: Crossroads and Contradictions”
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Laura S. H. Holgate
Laura S. H. HolgateAmbassador (rtd), Senior Nonresident Fellow, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs,Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Topic: “Values, Myths and Interests: Debating American Foreign Policy in an Unstable World”
More About
Sarah Hood
Sarah HoodReference Librarian and Information Media Specialist, SFCC
Topic: “Sorting Fact from Fiction: Navigating Today’s News Landscape

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Vicki Huddleston
Vicki HuddlestonAn American diplomat with expertise in foreign, defense, and development policy
Topic: “Our Woman in Havana:  Past Experiences and Future Assessments 

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Ambassador Robert Hunter
Ambassador Robert HunterUS Ambassador (rtd) to NATO (1993-1998) and a Principal Architect and the Lead Negotiator of the Post-Cold War Transformation of NATO
Topic: “A Zero-Based Foreign Policy”

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Brian Hurd
Brian HurdProfessor of Agricultural Economics & Agricultural Business, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM
Topic: “A Global View on Climate Change and Water and Food Security Challenges”

More About
Raffaella Iodice
Raffaella Iodice
Topic: “European Union Humanitarian Aid in Afghanistan: before and after the US withdrawal”

More About
Ambassador William H. Itoh (rtd)
Ambassador William H. Itoh (rtd)Professor of the Practice in the Department of Public Policy at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Topic: “China & the World 2021”

More About
Susanne E. Jalbert, Ph.D
Susanne E. Jalbert, Ph.DSenior Advisor for Chemonics International
Topics: “Moving Equity Forward in Afghanistan”

More About
Dr. Joe Jupille
Dr. Joe JupilleAssociate Professor of Political Science and Faculty Research Associate of the Institute of Behavioral Science at the University of Colorado, Boulder.
Topic: “The European Union: Past, Present, Future”

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Charles “Chick” Keller
Charles “Chick” Keller
Topic: “Understanding Climate Change: The Interplay of Observations and Modeling”

More About
Matt Korda
Matt KordaSenior Research Associate and Project Manager for the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists
Topic: “China’s Changing Nuclear Posture”

More About
Kristie Kenney
Kristie KenneyUS Ambassador (rtd) to the Philippines, Thailand and Equador and Counselor of the US Department
Topic: “The View From Washington: Foreign Policy Opportunities and Challenges”

More About
Daniel Kochis
Daniel KochisPolicy Analyst in European Affairs in the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom
Topic: “The Baltics, NATO and Why They Matter to the US”

More About
Kendra Koivu
Kendra KoivuAssistant Professor of Political Science at the University of New Mexico
Topic: “Update on the Politics & Economics of Brexit”

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Ellen Laipson
Ellen LaipsonDirector, International Security Program, George Mason University, former Director of the Stimson Center
Topic: “How 21st Century Geopolitics Poses Risks to the Future of Democracy?”

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Ambassador John E. Lange (Ret.)
Ambassador John E. Lange (Ret.)US Ambassador (rtd) Senior Fellow for Global Health Diplomacy at the United Nations Foundation where he collaborates closely with the World Health Organization.
Topic: “Responding to COVID-19 While Preparing for the Next Pandemic: Latest Developments in Global Health Security”

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Henry (Hank) A. Levine
Henry (Hank) A. LevineSenior Advisor with the Albright Stonebridge Group
Topic: “The US and China: A Fragile Relationship Under Stress”

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Dr. Fernando Lopez-Alves
Dr. Fernando Lopez-AlvesProfessor of Sociology, Global Studies and War & Conflict, University of California at Santa Barbara; director of Global and International Studies, University of Salamanca; the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Politics, Business and Economics, CEMA, Buenos Aires.
Topic: “The Populist Challenge: The Resurgence of Nationalism”

More About
Nancy Lubin
Nancy LubinPresident, JNA Associates, Inc a research/consulting firm on the former USSR, especially Caucasus/Central Asia
Topic: “The Central Asian Response”

More About
Arvid Lundy
Arvid LundyNuclear Export Controls Specialist, and SFWAF Vice President
Topic: “The Nuclear Road Ahead: Challenges for President Donald J Trump”

More About
Juha Makkikali
Juha MakkikaliFinnish Honorary Consul, Denver, CO
Topic: “NATO, Finland and Sweden and the western response: the Path Forward”

More About
Elizabeth Manak
Elizabeth ManakSouth Asia and Nonproliferation Specialist
Topic: “Values, Myths and Interests: Debating American Foreign Policy in an Unstable World”

More About
Shana McDermott
Shana McDermottAssistant Professor Dept. of Economics, University of New Mexico and Senior Research Associate, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Topic: “The Economics of Climate Change as it Relates to the New Climate Economy Project (a multi-national effort)”

More About
Ted McNamara
Ted McNamaraPresident of the Diplomacy Center Foundation
Topic: “Foreign Policy Begins at Home: Public Opinion and National Security in a Democracy”

More About
Mary Minow
Mary MinowLibrary Law Consultant; Advanced Leadership Initiative Fellow, Harvard University; attorney and specialist on disinformation
Topic: “Fact, Fiction and the Dissemination of False Information”

More About
Molly Montgomery
Molly Montgomeryformer White House Special Advisor, Senior Foreign Service Officer and current Vice President, Albright Stonebridge Group’s European Practice
Topic: “Covid-19 effects on Europe: the European response to the current crisis and the impact it will have on transatlantic relations, trade negotiations, Brexit, and other issues”

More About
Sherry Mueller
Sherry MuellerPh.D., Distinguished Practitioner in Residence at the School of International Service (SIS), American University, Washington, D.C.
Topic: “Making the Hard Case for Soft Power: Advocacy, Citizen Diplomacy, and America’s Image Abroad”

More About
Dr. Emile Nakhleh
Dr. Emile NakhlehFormer Senior Intelligence Service (SIS) Officer (CIA), a former Research Professor and Director, GNSPI (UNM), a Founding Director, Political Islam Strategic Analysis Program (CIA), a Founding Director, Global and National Security Policy Institute (UNM), a Life Member, Council on Foreign Relations, a Consultant on the Middle East, political Islam, radicalization, terrorism, and intelligence
Topic: “The Middle East and the United States: Continuing Challenges and threats in the Next Decade”

More About
Ambassador(rtd) Larry C Napper
Ambassador(rtd) Larry C NapperProfessor of the Practice Emeritus of International Affairs, Bush School of Government and Public Service, US Foreign Service (1974-2004) including service as Director of the Office of Soviet Union Affairs, US Department of State and US Ambassador to Latvia and Kazakhstan
Topic: “The Sources of Putin’s Conduct and the War on Ukraine”

More About
Maggie Toulouse Oliver
Maggie Toulouse OliverNew Mexico Secretary of State
Topic: “Election Security Issues in 2020 and How They are Being Addressed in New Mexico”

More About
David O’Sullivan
David O’SullivanFormer EU Ambassador to the U.S.
Topic: “Re-inventing the Transatlantic Relationship for the 21st Century ”

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