What is SFWAF?2019-08-05T08:38:32-07:00

The Santa Fe World Affairs Forum is a 501(c)(3) educational organization that takes an accessible, probing, multidisciplinary approach to the exploration of foreign policy, international relations and global issues.  Speakers are drawn from New Mexico, the United States and abroad.

The Forum holds five or six interactive expert-led programs per year in Santa Fe, New Mexico, usually at Santa Fe Community College.  The Forum’s small group format, usually via two-hour lunch sessions, permits lively interaction between and among speakers and members.  An annual one-or two day symposium is designed to allow deeper inquiry into current issues of critical concern.  The Forum may also sponsor lectures, teas and cocktail receptions.

Who belongs?2019-08-05T08:40:22-07:00

Forum members include foreign affairs specialists, scientists, artists, business men and women, journalists, educators and others who bring their experience and insights to bear on spirited exploration of global issues.  Most Forum members are residents of Northern New Mexico, but a few come from elsewhere.  Members receive prior notification of upcoming programs and discounted program rates.  SFWAF members are also eligible to attend World Affairs Council – ABQ programs at member cost.


The six to 12 member SFWAF Board of Directors meets regularly.  In addition to participating in programs, members may suggest topics and speakers, moderate programs and present their own research. Members are encouraged to assist with Forum activities when possible.

How to Join SFWAF?2019-08-06T22:00:10-07:00

Please email sfwaf@outlook.com for information about membership.  Membership requires a completed application form and payment of annual dues.  New members are asked to complete and e-mail the completed form to sfwaf@outlook.com or via the USPS to The Santa Fe World Affairs Forum, PO Box 31965, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87594. Dues for 2019-2020 are $60 per person or $110 per couple and may be paid through our PayPal account or a check made out to SFWAF and mailed to the post office box above. Check the Payment page for details.

Because the Santa Fe World Affairs Forum is an independent, not-for-profit organization, contributions in excess of program fees are tax deductible.  Special provision is made for college and university students.

SFWAF partners2015-07-31T10:30:57-07:00

SFWAF cooperates with various international, national and local organizations and individuals to bring quality foreign affairs programs to Santa Fe.   A list of supporters is found on the Partners page.