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A Zero-Based Foreign Policy?

July 29, 2020

Robert Hunter

Welcome! You are invited to join our July 29 webinar: “A Zero-Based Foreign Policy?” with US Ambassador (rtd) Robert Hunter.

Following the election in November, we will either continue with more of the same

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Illicit Trade: A Complex Web Of Criminals, State Sponsors And Opportunists

October 8, 2019 Suzanne Hayden lllegal trade (trafficking) taints every country. It weaves countries together unwitting alliances through the efforts of unscrupulous individuals, criminal groups and state sponsors: preying upon weaknesses of infrastructures and legislation, promoting greed and corruption and ultimately affecting financial systems, reputations and economic stability, it is difficult to

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Understanding Orban’s Hungary

SOLD OUT!!!   September 24, 2019  Dr. Deborah Cornelius Hungary and the Fidesz regime of Viktor Orban have been much in the news in recent months, with criticism of the increasing centralization of power, control of the free press, and blows to academic freedom. Despite protests against widespread propaganda, increasing government control,

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The intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty and the Next Arms Race

  February 26, 2019  Cheryl Rofer  Click here to download: The INF Treaty and the Next Arms Race power point slides The Trump administration has been threatening to withdraw the United States from the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Agreement by February 2, 2019. Its stated reason is that Russia has developed a missile

Foreign Policy Begins at Home: Public Opinion and National Security in a Democracy

November 29, 2018  Ted McNamara Throughout our history, the degree of our success in foreign affairs depends on our strength and unity at home and public understanding and support of our foreign policies. Q: what did this last election do in this regard? Ambassador McNamara is the President of the Diplomacy

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