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Mitigating Climate Change

 September 10-11, 2018  Wolfgang Saam, Dr. Christof Stefes,  Anton Hufnagl, Max Gruenig and Luke Spangenburg We are pleased to announce a special panel discussion under the auspices of the Santa Fe Community College’s Aquaculture and Hydroponics Club in partnership with Ecological Institute, US; Transatlantic Climate Bridge; and the Santa Fe World Affairs Forum with support

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Our Woman in Havana: Past Experiences and Future Assessments

 June 7, 2018  Vicki Huddleston Miguel Díaz-Canel is the president of Cuba. For the first time in almost 60 years a Castro does not lead the country. Raul Castro, however, remains the first secretary of the Communist party and the power behind Díaz-Canel. What does this mean for the future of US-Cuban relations?

Making the Hard Case for Soft Power: Advocacy, Citizen Diplomacy, and America’s Image Abroad

 March 5, 2018 Sherry Mueller Former Secretary of State Elihu Root called for citizens to take a concerted interest in international relations in his article entitled,” A Requisite for the Success of Popular Diplomacy,” published in the first issue of Foreign Affairs (September 1922). This article prompts reflection on essential questions affecting

Update on the Politics & Economics of Brexit

 February 6, 2018 Christine Sauer and Kendra Koivu The Brexit negotiations continue against the backdrop of changing political and economic landscapes in the UK and on the European continent. In their joint talk, UNM Professors Kendra Koivu (Political Science) and Christine Sauer (Economics) will provide an update on the status of the

Iran and North Korea: A Status Report

Sold Out! December 4, 2017 Arvid Lundy and Cheryl Rofer Iran’s and North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs have been much in the news lately, with continuing testing of missiles and, in North Korea’s case, a nuclear explosive. President Donald Trump has responded with threatening tweets, stoking fears of nuclear war. The two countries’ histories

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