The reestablishment of diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba after more than fifty years is expected to reverberate throughout the Western Hemisphere and impact relationships within the Organization of American States. How far will this new development take us and how open will Cuba be to development, private investment, greater freedoms and fundamental changes to its long held ideologies and political system?

Director of the Department of International Affairs of the OAS
Jane Thery has been the Director of the Department of International Affairs of the OAS since October 2014. She is responsible for maintaining and strengthening relations with Permanent Observers to the OAS and developing strategies with civil society organizations and other agencies of the United Nations and Inter-American Systems to advance the OAS agenda. Her Department is also charged with resource mobilization activities and outreach programs, including the Lecture Series of the Americas, OAS Policy Roundtables and Tour and Briefing Program for diverse audiences.

Ms. Thery began her international affairs career as a program officer with the Ford Foundation in Lima, Peru. She has held senior positions with the Peterson Institute for International Economics, the University of Maryland, and the U.S. House of Representatives. In 1995, she joined the OAS team supporting the negotiations for the Free Trade Area of the Americas and had since managed key portfolios in the Summits of the Americas Secretariat and the Secretariat for External Relations. She holds a BA in international relations from Duke University, a MA in international relations/economics from Yale University and is fluent in Spanish.


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