Rebuilding Iraq: What worked? What Didn’t? What Next?

Central to the U.S. effort to help Iraq rebuild were the Provincial Reconstruction Teams, civilian-led groups of experts in governance, economic development, urban planning, basic services, agriculture, elections, women’s and family issues, and other specialties, some of which were embedded with US military units.  With the U.S. Government scheduled to withdraw all troops from Iraq by December 2011, the Iraq reconstruction effort has come under intense scrutiny. What was it like to live in rural Iraq trying to create jobs, help widows, rebuild water and sewer systems, and foster reconciliation among tribal enemies? Do the results justify the many millions spent? Can or should the U.S. seek continuing benefit from its investment of money, time and talent? What have we learned about trying to provide development assistance in the midst of conflict? (more…)

Rebuilding Iraq: What worked? What Didn’t? What Next?2019-05-01T14:20:28-07:00
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