Simposium Description

April 1, 2008

Kenton Keith, US Ambassador to Qatar (1992-1996), Senior Vice President of the Meridian International Center and Vice Chair of the Alliance for International Educational and Cultural Exchange. U.S. Department of State’s Special Envoy to Islamabad and Spokesperson on Coalition Activity in Afghanistan (2001-2002); Dr. Emile Nakhleh, Senior Intelligence Officer and Director of the Political Islam Strategic Analysis Program in the Director of Intelligence, CIA (1991-2006); Alexandra Huddleston, documentary photographer and Fulbright grantee, Timbuktu, Mali (2006-2007); Peter Sebastian, (1926 – 2011) was United States Ambassador to Tunisia from 1984-1987. He was Deputy Chief of Mission in Rabat, Morocco, and served in the Central African Republic, Ethiopia and Paris. In Washington, D.C. he was Director for North Africa with the Department of State and Desk Officer for Mauritania, the Gambia, Senegal and Algeria. David Grimland, joined the U.S. Information Agency in 1967 and served as press spokesman, cultural officer or office director at American embassies in Greece, Cyprus. Turkey, Bangladesh and India; Patricia Lee Sharpe, studied Islam at the University of Chicago and was a Fulbright lecturer on American Literature in Lahore, Pakistan before joining USIA, handled press and/or cultural affairs in Indonesia and Pakistan, as well as India, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Tanzania and Sierra Leone, all with major Muslim populations.

An all-day program in cooperation with the Santa Fe Institute.

The Speakers

Kenton KeithUS ambassador (rtd.)., Senior Vice President, Meridian International Center.
Topic: “Communicating with the Muslim World”
Emile NakhlehSenior Intelligence Officer and director of the Political Islam Strategic Analysis Program in the CIA’s Directorate of Intelligence 1991-2006.
Topic: “How Public Diplomacy Can Contribute to a New Era of Relations with the Muslim World”
David GrimlandUS foreign service officer (rtd), Peter Sebastian, US ambassador (rtd.) and Patricia Lee Sharpe US foreign service officer (rtd).
Topics: “Panel Discussion: What Muslim World?”
Alexandra HuddlestonDocumentary Photographer and Fulbright grantee in Mali (2006-07)
Topic: “Mali: Photographic Documentation”