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The U.S. and Southeast Asia: The Challenging Times Continue   

By Ambassador Will Itoh

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm

St. John’s College, Junior Commons Room  

Just in the past year, the political and economic atmosphere in mainland Southeast Asia – from Myanmar to Vietnam – has dramatically shifted.  Myanmar’s “Arab spring” has faded, economically prosperous Thailand has succumbed to political control by a military junta, and still Communist Vietnam is locked in a fierce contest with China over disputed islands in the South China Sea.  In April 2012, the Santa Fe World Affairs Forum devoted its two day symposium to an exploration of US-Asian relations.  This month’s session by Asian specialist Ambassador Will Itoh explores the changes that have subsequently taken place in Asia’s dynamic Southeast corner and their implications for the US.

As a quick refresher, please revisit, or visit, the Forum’s highlights video “Living in Challenging Times:  the United States and East Asia.”  Here is the YouTube link from our website.

Ambassador Will Itoh is Director, Washington International Programs, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Senior Advisor, McLarty Associates.  He was US Ambassador to Thailand (1995-99), Executive Secretary of the National Security Council at the White House from 1993-5 and a career Foreign Service Officer.

Lunch is from 12:00 noon to 2 pm at St. John’s College’s Junior Commons Room, 2nd floor, Peterson Student Center.  Cost for the lunch session is $22 per member or $27 per non-member.  Please RSVP by Thursday, September 25.

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